Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Say Cheese

*Click click* we all are too familiar with this phrase photographers (or whoever we burden with the task of taking our pictures)use to make us expose our crooked teeth and look cute for the camera.

Im not a pro photographer o, I dont even own a camera! Recently, I got a smart phone *coy smile*. I took pictures of me and soon got tired of taking shots of my face everytime -___-. That gave birth to d picture editor in me. I spent my time editing my pictures till I had nothing else to edit. Well, not until 5days ago when I discovered phoneography; that awakened the 'photographer' in me . Phoneography z d art of photography using a camera phone. With the right photo-editing apps, you get to make a statement with ordinary-looking pictures.

Since my discovery, I have been taking and editing pictures. Nature has been freely modeling for me. Oh nature! Thou art an epitome of beauty - the sun and her ever bright smile that lights up my world (no pun intended), the spurt of grey clouds on the clear blue sky and the 'greens'? My love for them melts my heart, green organic blood now runs in my veins and they make our world a colourful one.

Its amazing what filters can do to a picture.. You can have one picture looking a thousand and one different ways thanks to them. There are other editing tools out there and with time, I plan to explore them all. I'm positive a good number of you guys are aiidy pros at filtering your photos especially for sharing on instagram and other social networks. Please feel free to share your favourite pictures with us via e-mail and we'll gladly post them on our blog. I'll also be posting pictures to share with y'all from time to time so keep up with the blog. Do I hear a 'Sir Yes Sir'?

Let me show you a bit of what I've been up to.

This crayfish wasn't smiling when I took this picture. I was about sending it to the great beyond.

Sunset somewhere in Ibadan by our very own Mizkenke

Coooooooooooooooool right? I know ;)

Still in Ibadan courtesy Mizkenke

Simply lovely! See why I'm so obsessed with the greens and their products?

*Stretches* hope you liked the pictures. Gotta go now, dont miss me too much. Hasta la vista, baby.


  1. See my picshur...my head iyaff scatter

    1. Lmao. Don't let it scatter reach my side

  2. Coool! Phoneo_wah? :D *thumbs up*

  3. Thank you Lawrence. Well, I gave the fish a befitting burial ; )


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