Wednesday, 20 November 2013

CHICKEN RUN: A Very Cool Story

Once upon a time, a time dragons hovered freely in the sky and dinosaurs trodded the earth, there existed a kingdom called Kumazar. Kumazar was a blessed kingdom. Blessed, not for its human nor mineral resources but because it was choosen by mother Earth to be the keeper of Edinor.
Edinor was a very great bird not in its form but in wisdom. Believed to be the key to all knowledge, Edinor was in fact wiser than the wisest mortal beings.

No doubts, mother earth had indeed blessed the Kingdom of Kumazar and the people acted accordingly. Edinor was idolized. A sacred temple was built for the great bird. The temple was also well guarded by a special breed of vicious animals called the Apes. Even the path to the temple was a treacherous one with obstacles at every turn. Only the finest Kumazar warriors specially trained to overcome the obstacles and get past the Apes could get to the temple to consult with Edinor.

News of the great bird soon got around and a rival Kingdom secretly plotted to abduct the Idol. Without warning, the rival Kingdom struck. Kumazar was attacked in the dead of the night and nothing was spared. Everything went up in flames.
Now, no one could stop the rival kingdom from capturing the great Idol...or so they thought. Even their best warriors couldn't get into the temple, for they were either eaten raw by the Apes or permanently immobilized by the obstacles.

The news of Edinor and the almost impossible to reach sacred temple spread all over the Kingdoms of that time. Thousands tried to get into the temple and ten thousands failed. Not one was able to reach Edinor's sacred temple. How the Kumazar warriors ever managed to get into the temple remained a mystery to all.

Everything about the kingdom, the great bird, the temple, the warriors got lost and buried in time. Until recently, when a chest containing a scroll with pictures narrating all that happened years ago was discovered in a cave. Experts have successfully decoded the message which speaks of the great Idol, Edinor, great enough to turn the world around for good.

Seven brave soldiers of our time set out to locate the temple and recover the idolized bird. One of the warriors got in and captured the idolized bird. But, the whereabouts of the warrior as well as that of the bird is unknown. Rumour has it that the Apes didn't let the warrior get away with the idol. It is said that this formed the basis of a very popular game...are you thinking what i'm thinking?

Well, sometimes lastweek, while I was busy exploring the universe with my camera phone (remember my new hobby, phoneography?), I captured this strange looking bird. The bird's form matched that of Edinor as described by legend. Is this the same bird, the great Idol many lost their lives to capture? I do not know. The bird took off when it saw me and I had to run after it to get this shot (do I hear a 'Thank you for your efforts'?). The bird was incredibly fast and I couldn't capture it for interrogation. So, I guess I'll never know if that bird really was Edinor or just a doppelganger. I'll never know if the legend is infact true or false. I'll never know...

*Curtain Falls*

I'm ultra sure you've never heard a story as 'cool' as this *dodges raw eggs*. By the way, don't you think the doppelganger looks faa-bu-lous? All thanks to photo filters. The art of phoneography is no child's play *dodges banana peels*.

Lol.Thats it! I'm out.


  1. "It is said that this formed the basis of a very
    popular game...are you thinking what i'm
    err.... Which game o? ;(

  2. The one and only TEMPLE RUN!!! Lol


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