Wednesday, 27 August 2014


The benefits of being the queen of a great kingdom such as mine are unquantifiable. I, being the queen of my Kingdom, sat on my throne and watched the world’s grandest parade. I was blown away by it all, not particularly by the performance but by the cause (you know, the reason for the ‘season’ *winks*). It was a MEcause. Yes, today the 27th of August is my birthday and the whole kingdom is out to celebrate me, ME! JUST ME! ONLY ME! *dancing yahoozee*. What more could a queen ask for? Ehn? *blushes*

So much love for the queen  \^.^/
Fast forwforward to reality.

Yes, today is the 27th of August and it really is my birthday. Nope, I’m not telling you amebo lot my age (hin no consine you!). A lady never reveals her age. Unfortunately, there is no great kingdom I rule over and ultimately, no grand parade to celebrate my birthday *sad face*. Birthdays should be the best days of the year and so should today be for me. Now, this is where you come in (listen o, this one consine you), I have a wish list and I’m hoping you’d be so kind as to help fulfil some of the wishes if not all of them (I must get my wishes before the day runs out o, ehen). Before I go on, I would like to point out that I’m a ridiculously reasonable person and very considerate too. So, my list is going to be short so as to spare your pockets. Here goes;

I want an island. Specifically a diamond shaped island adjacent to Brad Pitt’s heart shaped island. This is so that when I go on vacation and I’m sunbathing in the buff on my island, Brad Pitt may look upon me lustfully, swim across and propose marriage to me. Then we can start our little volleyball team together and Brad will be a modern day Abraham; the father of many nations.
I want my signature scent.

I want Clive Christian Imperial Majesty. Hehe. It’s always been a dream of mine to have my perfume delivered by a Rolls Royce you know and a chauffeur and a diamond on the bottle.

A Majestic scent for a Royal me \$_$/

I want a pair or maybe two or even three pairs of shoes. Nothing too exorbitant. I would only accept three designers sha; Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin.

See, I told you I was reasonable. Please use super-fast courier services when necessary. Time is fast ticking. What can I say, Time is impatient like that; he is a spoilt little brat!

While I await the delivery of the gifts, I’ll catch some rest to prepare my body, soul and spirit for another hectic day *arghh, med school! Despite the strike, it’s still hectic* (explains why we, Fikemi being the 2nd person, have been silent for a while).

Enjoy the rest of your day people cause I plan to enjoy mine (with your gifts) *winks*.
Fikemi says hi, she had to hurry down to Farfar-away Land.

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  1. Yay....she is!...I didn't know you and fikemi ran this blog....either feels good to read from you guys.......and a big HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you mami....

  2. Thanks dear. We do run it together. I'm just the lazy silent


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