Wednesday, 6 November 2013


I'm in love and for y'all that know me, no,its not another celebrity or book character or movie character. IT'S MY HAIR. Mega surprising, I know oh. That's how I got converted by a friend (G.J) and proceeded to do my research and I have cut my hair. I'm now on a healthy natural hair journey.Yay me!! I'm now in a beautiful relationship with my hair and that's awesome. You might not understand why it's such a big deal for me but it is a very big deal oh. I hated my hair and  it even made me cry on numerous occasions.
I have been thinking of the name to give my hair and I came up with ntutu which means hair in my language (thanks dad). Anyway,seeing as my hair is a living dead thing to me (forget MR NIGER), it cannot complain if it doesn't like the name and I get to choose a My happiness at getting to name something stems from the fact that I never got to name anything while growing up. i believe that tends to happen when you are the runt of the litter with very vocal and forceful siblings.*sniffs.Oh well, I digress. If I decide I dont like the name ntutu,I'd change it. It's not like the hair would know any different sef. Who knows I just might change the name everytime i feel the urge,lol.


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