Thursday, 14 November 2013

My Lemon Story

I love lemons. Like really really love them. I'm not going to go all moringa-ey and claim that lemons cure all(even if they do, I wouldn't know that). All I know is that I love lemons. They are awesome.

I liked tea back in the day when all I had to do was drink it. Not buy it and boil water and steep it and pour in a cup and wash the cup(I hate growing up). Seeing as I sort of acquired lactose intolerance, no milk in my tea and so, lemons to the rescue. I know it seems weird I mean, as far back as I can remember(4years), I've been drinking my tea with lemons and as I was an unconventional child, I'd request that lemon slices be cut in my cup of tea and I'd eat them with in mind i used 2 chew paracetamol). Anyway, I was a very healthy child. I can like to attribute that to lemons because I didn't like a lot of things back then. No eggs, no milk, no fish, no onions actually, I didn't even like most foods.

My mother would even squeeze lemon juice on pawpaw before I'd eat it.

Now that I'm old, and I've started having outbreaks, I use lemon juice as a face cleanser. It works like a charm. I see change before the 3rd day. No new pimples, no scars. Some website I can't remember says that this is due to the astringent properties of lemons. Anyway, my only problem with this wunderbar cleanser is that I have no way to store the lemon juice before it spoils. Any suggestions would be welcome.

When I decided to go natural, I discovered in the course of my research that many of the natural hair bloggers use shea butter for their hair. I decided to use it too plus its cheap and easily accessible. Now, my family memebers hate the smell of shea butter, me, I dont mind it. So, I compromised by 'soaking' lemon peels in olive oil for about 5days and my resulting oil smelled like lemons. I mixed my lemon infused olive oil with shea butter and my butter smells divine. YAY!!!

For those of you who would like to hear about the goodness of lemons, you could always google it. Theres far more information on google.

P.S: I use lemons when I feel nauseous. They help. A great deal

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