Wednesday, 18 December 2013


"Go sef and don't return again!"
She never did return ever again.

"Mike, Mike, Mike!" He could hear his sister screaming his name like the house was on fire and they needed to evacuate all their valuables but alas!, there was no fire. It was just her annoying habit to scream like she was five houses away when a normal, civil person could have easily knocked on his door and expressed him or herself.

As it was, he ignored her petulant screams and focused on the soccer game right in front of him as his opponents were already a goal to the good. He cursed softly and rued his lack of concentration. He despised losing even when he knew he could easily restart the game.  Suddenly the door to his room flew open with the force of a Big Show K.O punch and the reading of a earth tremor that the Richter's scale could easily pick up.

"Is it that you deaf, mad or both?" His sister screamed again.
"Didn't you hear me calling you?" He continued ignoring her like he was still alone in the room.
"Mike I'm talking to you and not a statue, answer me or I'll shut down that laptop in your face," she threatened.

He still refused to acknowledge her presence, she went through with her threat and shut down the system. This got her the desired attention as he sprang up in rage, eyes blazing and shooting deadly daggers at her.

"I told you I'd shut it down, didn't I?" She asked defiantly.
"Are you mad? What is your problem Anna? Can't you stay a day without frustrating me?". This was despite the fact that she had three years on him.

"Go and do the dishes, that's the reason I've been screaming your name since".

This was one of the reasons he wished he had a junior sibling, someone to shoulder the responsibility of the tedious and downright degrading house chores. Damn ASUU for going on this cursed strike, damn his parents for making him the second and last born, damn his sister for being such a malignant tumour that refused to go away, damn it all to hell and back. Storming out of his room, he banged the door so hard it sent shivers of fear around the whole house and the building seemed to shrink to show how terrified it was. Mumbling jargon under his breath, he barged into the kitchen with the grace of a queen Pig and looked at the dirty plates in disgust, they stared back at him defiantly as if daring him to turn his back on them.

"Why can't we eat in leaves and just discard them instead of facing this arduous task?" He soliloquized.

He attacked the plates with the zeal of a prisoner facing the hangman and washed gingerly. After what seemed like an eternity to him, he rinsed the last of the plates, gave a long sigh of relief and stepped out of the kitchen. Heading back to his room to pick up from where he left off from his beloveth game, his sister's dreaded voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Mike, you are through? Ehen, mumsy said you should wash the toilet and bathroom in the master's bedroom."
"What?" He thundered
"Mumsy didn't tell me anything o and I remember seeing her this morning before she left."
"She called me later," Anna countered.
"Said something about you cleaning it properly."
"Okay, Okay,  I'll clean it later," he replied grudgingly.
"No, clean it now now before you think of any game."
"I said I'll clean it na, is it running away ni?" He was reaching boiling point.
"Is your laptop running away too?" She asked triumphantly, rearing her head forward with her hands on her hip in that annoyingly feminine way.

He called on the gods of self-control and resisted the urge to slap her and instead walked to his room.

"Well I'm going to the market now," She said after a while.
"Make sure they are washed before I get back."
"Go sef and never return!" he retorted in anger.
A look of hurt flashed over her beautiful features but it was swiftly replaced with a calm demeanour.

She never did return.

Her head was bashed when one of the tyres of the bike she was transporting on flew out on the highway hurlting the bike, the rider and her to the ground. The oncoming vehicle was moving too fast to slow down.

By  @djay_prinze


  1. Wow...the power in words. Lovely piece.

    1. Thanks for reading. Appreciated :)

  2. Ehyaa win win situation for Mike. First born :D Nice piece bro

  3. Win-Win? He should feel guilt stricken don't u think? Thanks for reading fam

    1. Chai! I tire for Ekene. Do not mind him. Lol

  4. Aw...Nice one bestie ;).....I almost felt bad :(

    1. Tnx ma'am...lemme maintain professional ethos here. I'll hug u to death when I see u later

  5. Awww! I'll never tell my kid bro I hate him again even though he annoys me always :(

  6. So my deji tho'

    1. He does. On his behalf, thank you :)


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