Sunday, 8 December 2013

Happy Christmas

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night (please choose most applicable). Happy newday. Happy Sunday. Happy new week. Happy second week of the last month of the year. Happy! Happy!! Happy!!! Oh yeah, I'm happy. You definitely wouldn't expect less from someone who just got back from the North pole after one week of fun with you-know-who (winks).

Getting down to business, we're at that time of the year again - the beginning of the end which heralds a whole new beginning (I see that look of approval on your face :) ). Yup, yup, it's Christmas (blows trumpet).

I'm pretty sure you all have different activities lined up to enjoy Christmas - visiting grandparents in the village, going on a shopping spree in Paris or just sleeping Christmas away on your bamboo bed. If you're like me (which is very unlikely), you're finding it difficult choosing between space diving or sun surfing.

However you decide to spend this Christmas is totally up to you. All that matters, all that this epistle is trying to preach is STAY HAPPY. All through this season, all I want is for you to be happy (how hard can that be?).

Smile till your cheeks burst.
Laugh till you lose your breath.
Dance till your limbs come off.
Be happy!

So we all have had our fair share of dark clouds this year, disappointments, loss, failure (like I failed at telekinesis, couldn't move a mere thread with my mind). There might still be one or two not so sunny days before the year runs out for some (I'm no angel of doom. Just being factual). Nonetheless, as long as that heart is still pumping blood, think back to those days you did not want to end, when you laughed at the man that pronouced shoulder as solder, at your friend that fell butt-first into a bucket of water, at the clumsy one who spilled Coca-Cola on a very ruthless lecturer. Remember you've also had a good dose of laughter-filled days and let those memories blot out those of the gloomy ones.

So smile and be happy, you'll live longer, healthier and even look younger. Smile for me, flash those crooked teeth at me, aha, there goes, your teeth look even worse than I envisaged (tongue out).

From Mizkeneke and I, we say, "Compliments of the Season and BE HAPPY!"

P.S. Watch out for 12 days of Christmas tomorrow. It is another cool story from me (remember chicken run? Lol). I bet you'll enjoy it but if you refuse to enjoy it, you'll have to pay me for my hardwork (I mean it).

And yeah, if you're still wondering who I was with at the North pole. Wondering who you-know-who actually is, he is that rotund man always clad in white and red. Sure you know who now. Below is a picture we took together. Cute, isn't it?


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