Wednesday, 11 December 2013

12 days of Christmas: 2

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Deulofeu attempted to pass the ball to Mirallas but Wilshere was quick to intercept the ball. He made a short pass to Ozil. Ozil expertly tackled Mirallas, sending him to the grass and headed for the goal post. Ozil raised his leg to shoot the ball, the timer on the tv read 87:57. If he could successfully drive the ball into the net, it would be a 3-2 victory for Arsenal against Everton. Heart in mouth, fists clenched, tension lines running the length of my forehead, butt almost falling off the chair, I watched Ozil's shot drive the ball towards the net when out of nowhere,

"How hot do I look in this dress? Would you rate me ten over ten or ten over ten? This gown is perfecto. The colour and texture complement my skin. See how it accentuates my curves. It's the right length. And with those red pumps I received on my birthday, the ones you gave me, I'd look se-en-sa-tional!" She stopped ranting as she finished dusting imaginary particles off her new gown.

If looks could kill, Kenke would be dining with her ancestors. And if thoughts could, she'd be singing Hossanna with the angels. Eitherway, she'd be six feet under. I let out an exasperated sigh and headed for my room. I was too angry to utter a word.

"One day the gods will smile on you and bless you with real woman curves." She jeered at me.

I grunted, slammed the door and sank into the only chair in my room. I was infuriated and frustrated. At 21, I still had the shape of an overweight five-year old. A breathing potato with arms and legs. I secretly prayed Kenke was right about the gods blessing me.

Thinking of how best to kill time, I remembered the football match. I grabbed my laptop and surfed the internet for the final results of the match. Ozil had scored the goal. Arsenal won. Instantly, all was well with the world again.

Kenke and her shenanigans, I thought back to the incident, shook my head and smiled. As much as I hated to admit it, she was indeed lovely in her new dress. That was when something in my head sparked. In no time, I found what I wanted via google. I smiled at it.

I might not look 'se-en-sational' in a dress, I thought, but I could look like a million dollars. I found a $17.6 million dress, the most expensive dress in the world. It looked almost ordinary, it was infact a muslim-like robe, black and red, but for the beautiful diamonds set on it. I'd be a walking million dollar diamond. The sound of it felt good.

On a piece of paper, I wrote, '1st Day of Christmas: $17 million dress'.

I smiled at the paper and at the image of a dazed Kenke when she sees me rocking such a dress. Well, it's all upto my Knight in shiny armour to make it a reality. I laughed out loud and shut my eyes.

Few minutes later, a knight was approaching me with a dress made of dazzling diamonds.

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  1. Hmmmnnn.... Very captivating.... Stole my attention. Great Diction too.
    May the "gods bless us" oooo.... Well with the contents of our wish list. ℓoℓ..
    & urmm.... "Friday the 13th" (this should be scary ba) ---» Can't wait to see o! ℓoℓ..
    Keep it up! Nice one!

    1. Thank you Victor \^.^/. The 'gods' will definitely bless us. Lol. $17 million is nothing nah. Lol. Scary or not? You ll find out real soon. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Whatever language that is, thank you. :d

  3. LMFAO! All your beauty would be in a dress.

    1. I'll be a Diamond studded beauty nah. Not a type of beauty you see everyday. Lol.

  4. I've not actually read it but I've bookmarked your blog. Visit my blog too

    1. Okay. Thank you. Already going through your blog :)


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