Sunday, 29 December 2013

5 Things to do to before the Year Ends

Ding dong, ding dong, the town bell started ringing just as the clock struck 12. As if the sound of the bell was indication of an impending attack, the whole town was thrown into a frenzy. Men, women, young, old, everyone started running helter skelter, some trying to return stolen goods, some trying to pay their debts, the lazy ones attempted to hurriedly complete projects they should have.

It was time. Time for each and every townsman to account for time spent, money earned, money spent, words said, actions, thoughts, everything!

"QUIET!" screamed the thunderous voice of a guard.
"Enough of this hullabaloo. You will all form a queue and wait your turn to go into the fort. You'll meet the almighty King Vasto and to him will you give account."

Like a tranquilized bear, everyone was immediately calm. Everyone obeyed, order and organization, immediately restored. 

Somewhere on the queue, Mr Stereovida was queasy. He tapped Mr Agiliso who stood behind him on his left arm. Mr Agiliso looked up with a smile on his face,


"You look happy," was Stereovida's rather lame reply.

"I certainly am, I used all my assets well. Invested and multiplied all a great fold." 

He noticed the uneasiness in Stereovida's eyes and asked,

"You didn't use yours well?"

"No I didn't. I work as a messenger for one of the noble families. I don't have that much talent. All I ever did was, well, run errands. Nothing more."

"Oh my! King Vasto would be disappointed. I heard he feeds the brain, heart, hands and legs of those who do not impress him to his pet piranhas."

About an hour later, a guard led Stereovida into the fort. He stood before the King and gave his account. The King was very disappointed. 

"Guards! Take him away. He is to be fed to the piranhas. Let them have a human dinner," screamed the King.

                   ●● Press PAUSE ●●

The year ends in about 48 hours. What special thing have you accomplished this year? You got married? If it wasn't on the moon, it's not special. You gained admission? Except you got it without writing exams, No, it's not special. Job promotion, higher pay? Except it's made you as rich as Bill gates, No, it's nothing.
Now you're frustrated. Thinking,  have I really spent 363 days without doing anything special? Calm your nerves. I've gatcha.
Below are five things to do before the year runs out. Five cool things that'll certify your year awesome.

  1. Become a Polyglot                                        In two days you'll learn to speak several languages. Impossible? I think not! It's really simple. List at least 7 different languages on a paper . For each language, find out how to say hello (use google!). Note them down and commit them to memory. In less than ten minutes, you'll be able to speak at least 7 different languagues. Who cares if it's only 'hello' you can utter?  Nobody.                                      
  2. Set a Record                                             Woah. Woah. Slow down. No one mentioned Guiness world record. Your greatest competition is you. So you'll be setting a YOUrecord. Try something you have never done before like sticking your tongue out without retracting it for 6hours or talking backwards. It is as easy as farting.                                                                    
  3. Become an Artist                                 Everyone knows Leonardo da Vinci for his works of art especially the Mona Lisa. You'll also create a work of art. It could be a few pencil strokes, a drawing of a stickman, a painting of a leaf or calligraphy.  Art is a means of communication, it doesn't say meaningful communication, neither does it say meaningless communication. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Feel free to express yourself.                                                                   
  4. Design It!                                                  Yuup, design something.  A dress, a shoe, your future house, a car, anything! You cannot go wrong with creating a design. Cause a mistake made is still part of the design. Awesome, isn't it?                                
  5. Shake It!                                                             It is obviously the season of creating dance steps. So why shouldn't you join the trend? Create your dance step. Personalize it. It could be as simple as lifting your legs and swinging your arms. It's your creation, own it! Teach your family and friends and have them teach their friends who'll teach friends that'll teach their friends. It'll go on and on like that. Who knows, your dance might be the next Gangnam style.
So there you have it. Five totally awesome things to do before the year runs out. Do them all and you would have achieved a lot. Thank me later. I told y'all I had your backs. *winks* Hurry. Time waits for no man.

●● Rewind ●●
●●Press Play ●●

About an hour later, a guard led Stereovida into the fort. He stood before the King and gave his account. The King was very impressed.

"You mean you learnt over ten languagues,  walked a kilometre on your hands, drew  darkness, designed a flying shoe and  invented DEDANS, whatever that is, despite the meagre talent I bestowed on you?"

"Yes, Your Highness."

" I am impressed. "

"Guards! Bring the piranha tank. Give it to this young man. Tonight, this young  man will be having a fish dinner."


  1. Hahaha.. If only no1 is as easy as u ended no2.. 9c piece "reppin @Mofe"

    1. Lol. You are just being a lazy man *tongue out*
      Thank you very much :)

  2. Waoh, what a piece..Great..Well *ticking off on my fingers*, i've done 1, 2, 3, number 4 and 5 up next..hehehe..Great tips, thanks

    1. Thank you very much. Goodluck with four and five ;)


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