Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sunday Late Post

Sigh* I'm not exactly happy right now cause it seems the team I'm supporting is going to lose the world cup. It'll take a miracle for Argentina to equalize in less than 5 minutes to the end of the match. I just entered my room more angry than sad...*hears happy voices* *runs outside to confirm if Argentina has equalized*...mschewwww, turns out some people were just excitedly counting down to the end of the match. Referee blows final whistle and I walk away heartbroken. Mizkenke begs me to stay. She wants to watch Messi cry she said. Hmmmph! Insensitive she. *Long hiss*

Anyhoo, I promised me and Amaka that I was going to post something today and that's the only reason I'm doing this. Otherwise, I should be mourning my 'loss' with the sun cause even she is sad Argentina lost; the exact reason she has refused to let her rays falll upon this part of the world tonight.

Soooooooooo, eeerrrrrrr, there really isn't much to say or type (more appropriately). I am really tired. I travelled down to school from home and I spent half the time in the bus reminding God I had not yet fulfilled my purpose in life and the other half laughing at the reckless-driving-yet-confused driver. (Yes o, the man just bad like that. Gbam!) Less than an hour after I dropped my bag in my room, my friend called me and me do his dirty job. He used me, insulted and manipulated me. Yet, he showed no obvious signs of appreciation. Things we I do love ehn.

Walking back to my room I was thinking of what to post when I was almost certain I spotted a flower. I decided to take a picture though it was 8pm and pretty dark, I sblindly took the shot of the spot; call that a Blind Spot (P.S. I did not type that. Some villain did. I'm too smart to even think of thinking such. Blind spot? Hian!).

Not bad for a blind spot, yeah? That was the villain again

I feel better now that I'm picturing someone smiling at my almost dry jokes (if you have not so far, please do. You'll be saving someone's life. DON'T ASK WHO!). I'm already typing bonkers yeah? I should sleep yeah? Okay, Okay, say no more. Good night good people of earth. I shall be back.

Taaa ta ran ran taaan ta raaaaan.

Wait, wait, wait.
I want to use this medium to wish Amaka Hundeyin of a happy birthday. We from femmefuntale wish you the very very best of life. God bless you hunnie. Please send our share of the cake to us. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Taaa ta ran ran taaan ta raaaaan.


  1. Okay - Yes!...Please go to bed...hehe...'blind spot' got me laughing....haha..

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy thanks for the wishes. Oya come to Lagos and have your share.... And I like your photo

  3. Erhmmm...Whatever happened to that person I know in 'High Places'??...Hello mamacita..

    I tagged you so you owe me two posts now.


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