Saturday, 5 July 2014


Back in the day, say four years ago, two young naïve girls on the verge of womanhood decided to be altruistic and save the world, one sick person at a time. They filled in Medicine and Surgery on their JAMB/UTME form, got admitted into the University of Ibadan and were hailed as efiwes and efikos. Of course, they basked in the euphoria of their admission to study medicine.


They did not see it coming, they did not sense it, it was the last thing they anticipated. When they least expected  it, these girls were kidnapped.
Shown no mercy by their captor, Mighty M, the girls were dealt a heavy blow physically, psychologically, socially and financially.

The mean looking Mighty M

They were held captive for 18 months but were rescued on the last day of the 18th month by prince ASUU.

Charming prince ASUU

For the few months they were able to escape captivity, they started a communication with the outside world in form of a blog .Then their captor returned. Bigger, meaner and better equipped to deal with the runaways. Infact, Mighty M did not provide allowance for escape a second time. Escape in form of weekends, sick days, public holidays, strikes; nada! These girls had none. Hey you, do not fear for them because in them was  recently born one of the greatest weapons of mankind against adversaries. DETERMINATION!The girls are now bigger, meaner and better too. Though they live in captivity, they have decided Mighty Med would cease to dictate the terms of their captivity. They are determined to call the shots, there is no way Mighty M is going to shut them away from the world. He tried it before but never again. It is now a matter of life and death, a fight to the finish and these girls do not plan to go down in this fight. HEROIC!These girls are…drumroll… Fikemi and Me (MizKenke).  Our horror tale is real and the villain is Medicine. A bit anticlimactic I know but wait… Medicine sucks the life out of you. It’s like the yeerks from animorphs. It enters your brain. Takes over your life. Medicine makes you a whiner and a liar. When you try to eat, alarms go off in your head. Sirens too. ‘You should be reading’ they say. When you play or pray or even sleep, you hear the alarms and sirens. The worst part is even when you are reading. The darned alarms won’t go off. This time, they are going on and on about how you are behind in your reading and how your mates are going to cantab you (pass you when reading the 2nd time while you are still slugging through your 1st).  The only time you get a respite is when you are complaining. That’s right.  Complaining. So don’t be surprised when all (okay, maybe not all) we do is complain about the workload. We always lie that we will do better. We lie that we will study more, if anything, we study less. We lie that we will keep in touch, we never do. We say that we will blog more, this is a lie too. But like I said, we are back; bigger, better, meaner, genetically modified to dictate the terms of our captivity. So,this is us hoping that our apology is accepted and promising never ever ever ever to leave you.

MizKenke and Fikemi - looking fierce and equipped to take down Mighty M *grrrrrr* 

*sniffs* Poignant moment.


  1. I won't accept this till I read your tenth post apology post *straight face*
    You know how we all wanted to be medical doctor back then but at some point I met a guy and my life changed *smiles sheepishly * time to write jamb came and I told mum I wanted to read food science and technology and hell was let loose, I eventually wasted 18 months trying to convince my mum I hated that antiseptic smell of the hospital and I can't stand even my own blog before she left me alone.
    OK ok I forgive you. I attended unaab and I know how stifling the schedule was, I can relate to you cause I had friends in vet med. Don't worry am here for you, your number one fan!

    1. Thank you so so much Amaka. I really really appreciate you *kisses* #no homo. Lol

    2. Parents really have to stop forcing their children to study medicine. It's not worth it. Medicine is all about passion and without it, *tsk tsk tsk* you are just another lost soul. Believe me!

    3. Not bad at all. Your apology is accepted. We forgive you. But we need plenty more posts to soothe our pain so get posting.

    4. Thanks for understanding. We ll definitely keep the posts coming ;)

      I Nominated you for the liebster award

    6. Puff* puff* puff* my head is now 5x its normal size. Thanks hunnie

  2. Now my head has burst. Thanks for your forgiveness. Amaka, I love your blog

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy. New post sugar!!!


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